Ángel Torres: “The fact of putting Estrada 11 times in two years is a provocation of Velasco”

Interview The president of Getafe spoke in A Diario

The president of the Getafe, Ángel Torres, passed by Daily to speak with David sanchez and Roberto Gomez of the season of the club azulón, as well as to review the moment that Spanish football lives.

Torres made it clear that “Bordalás will continue, we are already working on the next season in the three or four signings and in the exits” and harshly criticized the refereeing establishment.

“From Velasco Carballo I am still waiting for a response after leaving us without the Cup semifinals last year. It is not normal that Estrada has called us 11 games with eight sent off, the damage that has done to us. And while the internationals only two.”

“Last year in Valencia we were attacked and they threw us 5 games. Villarreal’s day was the same. This really is to provoke. This especially (Estrada) I have the feeling that they put it on me to annoy,” he added.

Disappointment after staying out of Europe: “On the last day you do not ascend, descend or go to Europe. We were excited to repeat another year in Europe. At the moment it bothers you not to go to Europe, but these things can happen and despite the illusion that we were doing I’ll keep the good season, “explained the Azulon leader.

Causes of the downturn in the last 11 days: “The team fell apart after the break, head and leg.”

Intone the mea culpa for the winter signings: “The December reinforcements I have never seen solve anything for you, except an injury or a disgrace. The one that is down in January in May is still there in 90% of cases. I am contrary. And there I was wrong in the three or four signings. Winter reinforcements don’t solve anything. All it does is fidget and annoy the locker room. That complicates everyone. I allowed it and I assume it.

“I am against the new normal,” said Ángel Torres. “In a few months, if the vaccine comes out, it will be possible to return to normal as usual. Let’s hope that this is so because in football a tough year awaits us“said the Azulón president in A Diario.

The manager of the Madrid team was clear about the controversy created around Fuenlagate and the figure of Javier Tebas: “We have gone from asking for the Prince of Asturias award to asking for his resignation. In Spain, as Caparrós says, we went from nun to whore in one night

If I had been president of Fuenlabrada, my team would not have traveled “

“It is no grace that the Fuenlabrada is sanctioned because next year it can happen to anyone”, Torres warned about the possibility that the Segunda team could end up descending and settled any doubts about the steps that Getafe takes: “Getafe’s decisions are made by Ángel Torres for better or for worse. If I had been president of Fuenlabrada, I would not have traveled. Traveling to A Coruña is suicidal, but traveling and staying at the hotel without appearing at the stadium … I think everything has failed due to the anxiety of wanting to finish the last day. “

Ángel Torres insisted on the importance of health. “Nothing happens to suspend a game, the first thing is the health of the people. It is not just the players, it is all the people who are with us, we are 68 people every time we travel and we do PCR every 48 hours, “he explained, giving details of what the club’s situation is like at the moment.

I would understand that the president of Naples said that he does not travel to Barcelona, ​​I did. I understand that you hesitate and that if you do not give him guarantees he will refuse. No one is going to sanction you for that. For what you don’t do now, next year we can all regret“the president said in the radio MARCA microphones.

In the interview, Torres also referred to the delicate financial situation for the clubs: “Getafe is not going to have a bad time because we have given 25 million profit before taxes, but we are going to go from a budget of 82 million to 70-72. We are going to have to reduce the workforce from 25 to 20-21 “.

No audience in the stands: “I think that there will be no public in the stadiums until March and for this reason I will not collect the subscription from the members. I have not done ERTE because the situation of Getafe is good “.

On the controversy of the VAR and the referees, the president of Getafe spoke of a collegiate in particular: “Estrada Fernández has whistled us in two seasons for 11 games and has caused us several damage. If I shut up I look like an asshole. Then Velasco Carballo comes out with numbers … Stop speeches, CarballoTorres said angrily before saying that “I understand that they put that referee on me to bother”.

In the final section of the interview, the Azulón president reviewed several proper names: “Bordalás will continue at Getafe next year. That I have spoken with him and about the signings that we are going to make and the exits. Mayoral is a very good player and at Getafe we ​​want good players. Brahim we tried this year but he does not want to leave Madrid. The thing about Cucurella at Chelsea for 30 million is a lie: Neither the boy wants to leave nor the club wants him to leave. Molina is not going to China, he was going to go with Machín but now not because Machín seems to be going to Alavés “.

Finally, it seems that the president already knows when he will leave Getafe: “In a couple of years … I have been 21 years old and they must find me a substitute. I will not leave it in the hands of anyone because I have left my life here. “

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