Animated fan art excites us with this brutal fight between Black Freeza and Beerus

Black Frieza or Beerus, which of the two characters is more powerful? The recent transformation of the world conqueror, in Dragon Ball Super, showed us how he was able to defeat Goku and Vegeta with a single blow, without much effort.

However, on the other side we are talking about the God of Destruction, whom we have never seen fight seriously. We believe that above this entity are only angels such as Whis, Zenosama and Dai Shinkan.

But Black Frieza’s new power causes many theories to be reconsidered. Nothing will become clear until we see the character in prolonged action, and not that simple glimpse that appeared in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Although that brief burst makes us think that the Emperor of the Universe could hold a hand-to-hand battle with the God of Destruction; Overall, Whis has already made it clear that Bills is not invincible and has sometimes shown how he is looking for a substitute.

Dragon Ball Super: Bills or Black Frieza?

Frieza is a subject who has always been subject to Bills’ orders. Therefore, it is normal for him to feel some grudge against the God of Destruction, due to his villainous status.

The portal sport reviews a note in which he integrates an animated fan art made by the YouTube channel Etoilec2 Animation. In just three minutes they develop what a battle between this pair of powerful beings would be like.

Frieza starts in his simple form, which is actually the last one we saw in Dragon Ball Z. Under this modality he follows the rhythm of the combat, which intensifies when he passes to Golden. But when he turns into Black he leaves Beerus completely surprised, as he goes on to take advantage.

We don’t know if this will happen in canon stories, but the reality is that it’s not that far-fetched.