Antonio Tejero, photographed at his residence in Malaga on the 40th anniversary of 23-F

Antonio Tejero Molina, the lieutenant colonel author of the attempted coup on February 23, 1981, was recorded this Tuesday at his residence in Torre del Mar. The coup leader was captured by a team of Mediaset on such an appointed day, when 40 years of the failed coup are commemorated.

Antonio Tejero in a moment of the coup of February 23, 1981. (ARCHIVE)

The main protagonist of the 23-F coup has been seen this afternoon. The cameras have managed to record Tejero in his residence in Torre del Mar, in the province of Malaga.

Behind some curtains that he himself separates, Antonio Tejero appeared in sportswear, opened the window and he even said good afternoon and murmured something else to the journalists waiting for him in front of his house. They asked him to come down to talk to him, but Tejero refused. Then he remained leaning for a few minutes and before leaving he waved goodbye.

Antonio Tejero is currently 88 years old, he is living as a retiree and is not seen by the press. The last time made a public appearance was in 2019, when he came by surprise in Mingorrubio, where Franco will be buried, causing a great stir among the attendees, who have received him with applause and cheers and have faced the press that was covering the exhumation process.

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