Aperam, Grenergy, Solaria and Siemens Gamesa

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It has cost him but the selective Spanish Faces the closing of the first week of the year 2021 in a positive way and most importantly, above the highs that were set in December.

The continuity of the banking sector is essential to be able to close this week positively and above 8,400 points to be able to fight the next one to close the next bearish opening gap that was left unclosed last March.

However, whatever happens we always have a set of values ​​that are doing tremendously well and several of them are worth being in. my control panel. They are in a very important technical moment in addition to having many investors attentive to them.

What should you invest in according to your age ?:

1) Grenergy: Climb without rest that of this value that marks practically historical maximums day in and day out also in which all we can do is look at 40.9 euros as a level from which to jump from the value in anticipation to a correction according to the rise.

2) Siemens Gamesa: Keep marking new all-time highs and shows good strength as long as it does not lose 35.6 euros.

3) Aperam: Breaks the resistance of 37.7 euros that today you will have to confirm to open a scenario of continuity towards 40 euros and if it manages to break them, extend the upward reaction to the area of ​​42 euros.

4) Solaria: Interesting climbs that we are seeing after the recent break from the highs of 2007 so we are in free rise and the only thing we have to watch is that it does not lose the 28 euros.

Evolution of the values ​​under monitoring

Evolution of the values ​​under monitoring

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