Apparatus sinking of a 47-meter yacht in Italian waters

News The luxury ship first caught fire and then was engulfed by the sea

The yacht catching fire in the Mediterranean Sea.

A 47 meter yacht in length catches fire and sinks in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Italian waters of Sardinia, and the Coast Guard the transalpine country has recorded it to later publish it in its technological media.

In the video you can see how the ship sinks little by little until it is completely engulfed by the sea, a situation that is being investigated by the authorities to find out the problem that caused the fire on the yacht.

Spectacular fire in the sinking of a 47-meter yacht in the Mediterranean

Own Coast Guard has been able to rescue the 17 people who were on board the yacht. Among them were eight Kazakh tourists and nine crew members, which were located in a smaller boat outside the ship.