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That Apple has never been very fond of CES is well known. Or, rather, it is not so much that you do not like it, as that you enjoy it much more if, in the shadow of the announcements and launches that are made at the fair, you also pick up the hook with an announcement, or take some other action to redirect the spotlight a bit from Las Vegas to Cupertino. It has happened in the past, and this CES 2021 is not going to be different. But, on the other hand, it will be different (well, it seems that it is to write about Apple and one immediately gets the style of the house).

It is quite likely that right now you are wondering what I am talking about, and it is logical. It all starts with an interview given by Tim Cook to the television program This Morning, from CBS. In this interview, which was partially aired today, the CEO of Apple in addition to talking about current issues, such as the assault on the Capitol, has also spoken of a surprise. According to Gayle King, host of the show, Apple will make a big announcement tomorrow.

When you read this, it is most likely that the same thing happened to you, and to the vast majority. That is you have begun to mentally review the Apple catalog and wondering what that surprise can be: new computers with Apple Silicon? The long-awaited renewal of the iPhone SE? Perhaps the mysterious and long-awaited AirTags? Nice try, but the shots are not going there. The presenter pointed out that tomorrow Wednesday another part of the interview with Tim Cook will be broadcast in which Apple will make its big announcement that, oh surprise, “it is not a new product”.

So we have to forget about the devices, which on the other hand makes sense, since usually some leaks always occur around the pitches of new products by the company. The closest rumors tell us of a new iPad Mini in March and of a smaller and cheaper version of the AirPods Max for which there is no date, and which are expected to arrive along with other news.

What will Apple announce tomorrow?

Devices discarded, it’s time to wonder what Tim Cook told Gayle King. Keep in mind that they are talking about a big announcement, a great announcement, something that according to King is “something bigger and better” and is “very exciting”. It is hard to believe, with these words, that it finally turns out to be a minor advertisement, although until we know what it is we cannot be sure of it.

We are going to try to remove the crystal ball to try to find out what it will be about.

Some voices suggest that it will be the deployment of new privacy features for iOS 14. It is true that this version of the operating system for mobile devices from Apple is putting the focus on that aspect, and that some function announced for it is not yet available. However, this in the end would be nothing more than the continuation of something already announced last year during WWDC 2021, so the rollout of something already announced months ago doesn’t seem like such an exciting and surprising thing after all.

One of the surprises of CES 2021 has been to discover the great advances of Sony with its Vision-S, a prototype of an electric car that aspires to be autonomous (at the moment it is at level 2 or 3) and that has already circulated on public roads , in tests, last December. ¿Perhaps this has pushed Apple to step on the gas (pun intended) with your autonomous car project? Regardless of its development, or at least publicly communicate its plans, it is a good time to take a step in that direction, since it seems that it is a firm project.

What will Apple's mysterious announcement consist of?

The protagonist of 2020 has, unfortunately, been the coronavirus, a pathogen that has completely changed our lives and that, while waiting for the vaccines that allow us to recover (at least to a great extent) the “old normality”, has us engulfed In this new normal that, for many, has little to nothing from normal. Will Apple plan to take any action in this regard? Perhaps a substantial donation for research or for vaccine production and distribution? Maybe new pathogen tracking solutions? It’s something that would fit the profile of the company, so it makes sense.

On the other hand, the prominence of so far in 2021, as well as in the last months of 2020, has been taken by fake news, populism and platforms that have led to events such as the assault on the United States Capitol. Tim Cook has been particularly critical of everything that happened, and is part of the technology companies that have decided to bolt Parler, one of the services used by the coup plotters for said action. Will Apple consider adopting more restrictive policies with this type of content and services? Declare war on fake news?

Another possibility to which I also see margin is the announcement of something quite expected by Apple users, more specifically by Apple computer users, it is more than expected Windows 10 ARM compatibility with Apple computers based on Apple Silicon. Something that seems closer every day, at least in terms of technical aspects, and that would undoubtedly be an important asset in the face of the commercial success of this new post-Intel era of Mac.

These are just a few possibilities. The ad may be about one of these topics or, on the contrary, that it has absolutely nothing to do with what we have thought. Until tomorrow we won’t know but, meanwhile, Can you think of what Apple might surprise us with tomorrow?

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