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Nobody like Apple to show off the benefits of its Apple watch. And after a first ad presented in January, this Tuesday there were even two new videos as part of the campaign “The future of health is on your wrist.”

Apple Watch Series 6.Apple Watch Series 6

This time, and as can be seen in the videos available on YouTube, Apple has focused on the training and sleep apps on the Apple Watch for monitoring health and fitness.

Apple reminds us of the advantages of its Apple Watch Series 6

On the first app-focused ad Workout, a swimmer is followed through a rather epic swimming exercise that ranges from swimming in a pool to swimming among fish and boats in open water. While the announcement is specifically for Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch has supported underwater training tracking since Series 2.

Apple Watch isn’t the only star of the app’s announcement Sleep. In the second video, the narrator explains that the Sleep app helps establish a bedtime routine by muting notifications and automatically playing music on iPhone.

As for the Apple Watch, it highlights its support when it comes to monitoring heart rate and monitor blood oxygen levels to track sleep quality. Blood oxygen is specific to the Apple Watch Series 6.

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Although Apple currently promotes these features, Apple may include the blood glucose monitoring feature in the next Apple Watch Series 7, using a non-invasive optical sensor.

Over the years, the Apple Watch has saved lives with its targeted capabilities like the ability to measure blood oxygen levels or take an ECG, but a blood glucose sensor It would be definitive for its contribution to health. In addition to being useful to patients with diabetes, it would serve as a preventive measure for patients at risk.

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