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Apple TV + could be one of the favorite projects of Tim cook. On numerous occasions, the CEO of Apple has shared his enthusiasm for the ambitious project and his closeness to it. Regarding his interest, he has been invited to tour the set of one of the most successful series on the platform, ‘For All Mankind’, finding many reasons to be fascinated.

For All MankindPromotional image of ‘For All Mankind’.

The episode was revealed by series creator Ronald D. Moore in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, regarding the premiere of the second season of the show and the launch of the companion podcast. Moore shared details about how is working with apple, including Cook’s visit to the recording halls.

Tim Cook is a huge fan of ‘For All Mankind’

During the interview, Moore recalled Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit to the set of “For All Mankind,” who was ‘lost’ on older consoles and keyboards used in the show. Moore says he was warmly received in Cupertino, and it was clear that the show interested Apple “emotionally and very personally”as well as in a business sense.

“Tim Cook‌ came on set and sat at the Mission Control consoles and had fun. The keyboards were lost on the consoles: ‘Oh yes, I remember this type of CRT’ »

“He was a huge fan of the space program. I would walk through the corridors and you would only see photos of astronauts and space and it was clear that there is great affection and love within the technological world for the space program and for NASA. “

Moore was recruited to work on “For All Mankind” when Apple TV + stars Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg contacted him about a new NASA show. Moore had previously worked with the two at Sony and there was a “certain familiarity” about how things would be done.

However, it does not deny that faced some growth issues to solve as a tech company made its way into the media. Moore said he was not used to having to get feedback from the company before making decisions.

“It is a technology company that is getting into entertainment and it was difficult to discover it. When I started working with Apple, I’m not used to people saying things like, ‘Well, Cupertino hasn’t been involved in that.’ “

Currently, Apple TV + airs the second season of ‘For All Mankind’, set in 1983, ten years after the last episode aired, at the height of the Cold War.

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