Apple confirms the error of some iPhone 12 with wireless charging, they are already investigating it

Just a few days ago some iPhone 12 users shared [problemas con la batería y otras limitaciones con respecto al rendimiento del dispositivo.]( But especially, they have been the problems with the battery those that have been increasing, causing more users to comment on it.

MagSafe charger
Apple MagSafe Case and Charger

Recently, iPhone 12 users reported facing wireless charging issues while using Qi certified chargers. The problem is interrupted while iPhone 12 is charging.

IPhone 12 wireless charging problems continue

The problem is not caused by a charger itself, as affected iPhone owners report that they were able to charge older iPhone models without any problem. This problem has manifested itself with different types of chargers and chargers made by various manufacturers.

The charging problem was shared by several users, who at the time also found a momentary solution. It consisted of restarting the iPhone 12, but the problem would return after a day or two. The situation became a little more worrisome when verifying that it is fixed in the latest iOS update.

Based on information shared from iphonehacks, the problem could be related to the MagSafe components that are placed around the wireless charging coil.

However, Apple has not spoken publicly about the issue and beyond that it has been the users who have confirmed that they have been informed by the Apple support center that they are working to solve the problem: “Coming Soon”.

Despite the little information, Apple is known for solving user problems with every update. Therefore, it is expected that this failure will be corrected very soon.

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