Apple has shown “great interest” in acquiring TikTok, or perhaps not

During the presentation of the successful results of the second quarter 2020, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook He made several statements that have since hinted at some of the bitten apple company’s future plans.

One of them was related to Apple’s interest in investing in potential competitors with technology that they could apply to enhance their offer of devices and services. Now, when the imminent sale of TikTok in the United States and other countries is on the table, many wonder if Apple would be interested in this offer.

Should Apple invest in TikTok?

Actually, Apple is a company with enough liquidity to afford a million dollar investment and given their little interest in developing apps related to social networks, this would seem like a great opportunity to tackle the niche. However, some analysts have identified other reasons why this negotiation would not be in Apple’s plans.

At the moment only Microsoft has announced its interest in the acquisition of the company belonging to Bytedance, TikTok, after it was banned in the United States for posing an alleged threat to the government of this country. However, some of Apple’s most trusted sources think that Apple could intervene at any time with a similar intention.

According to information shared from ., citing an Axios report, Apple would also be interested in the deal. According to the Axios document, Apple has expressed “great interest” in acquiring the short-form video sharing service.

”Multiple sources tell me that Apple has expressed interest, although there are no sources within Apple, and that at least one other strategy has expressed interest. Yes, it would be an unusual deal for Apple, given that TikTok is a cross-platform app and a bigger political headache than Tim Cook could wish for (both here and in China). ”

For its part, another of Apple’s most trusted sources and the tech industry in general, ., has shared a report denying any possibility of Apple’s interest in TikTok. . claims that an Apple spokesperson claims that there are no talks at the moment to acquire TikTok, and that it has no plans to reach such an agreement.

In addition to the information shared by an internal source of Apple, the position of this medium is supported by the consideration that Such an agreement would be unusual for Apple, which has been widely critical of targeted advertising., a practice at the center of the TikTok business.

If Apple acquired TikTok, it would represent its largest acquisition yet. As of today, Apple’s largest acquisition was the Beats deal, valued at $ 3 billion. Until now TikTok believed to be worth “$ 30 billion or more”.