Apple improves the electrocardiogram function of the Apple Watch in watchOS 7.2

The electrocardiogram function of the Apple Watch is one of the main health functions of the Apple Watch. It came alongside the Apple Watch Series 4 and since then it has already saved numerous lives. Now Apple has decided to improve it.

The Apple Watch can save your life

As reported MacRumors, the latest beta of watchOS 7.2, which will reach all users next Monday, introduces an improvement to the algorithm that Apple Watch uses to measure electrocardiogram (ECG) waves.

In the official documentation, it has been added a new note called “version 2 algorithm”, something like “version 2 algorithm”. No other additional information is included, so improvements are unknown.

ECG algorithm version 2
Information about version 2 of the ECG algorithm

It seems that the ECG will improve with this new version

According to the beta code discovered by MacRumors, «It is probable that the new algorithm allows ECG app to check for atrial fibrillation (AFib) at higher heart rates, during exercise, for example ”.

Remember that Apple is going to launch its Fitness + service next Monday, so everything could be related. Now that Apple wants us to exercise more, it has also introduced a function to measure our health while we do it.

This year Apple has introduced the blood oxygen meter in the Apple Watch Series 6, two years ago it was the electrocardiogram with the Series 4. Little by little Apple is including better sensors to measure health, and it is one of the fields in which the company has most innovated in recent years.

Now Apple has decided to improve the ECG algorithm to be more accurate in new circumstances, hopefully the next step is your arrival in new countries.

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