Apple Introduces New Gift Cards for the Apple Store

If something Apple has shown is that the opinion of its customers matters. And although some changes do not come as fast as we would like, when we least expect it the company welcomes the requests for the improvement of your products or services.

In this sense, Apple unveiled its unified gift card this week, to end the usual misunderstandings when buying a gift card for the App Store or Apple Store.

Apple updates its gift card and now it’s universal

Comp regular or bad customers, most are aware of Apple’s old offer of two gift cards. Apple Store gift cards were valid for products and accessories at any physical or online retail store, while App Store gift cards were valid for any of their digital services.

However, as of today, Apple only offers one type of Apple Unified Gift Card to purchase a Universal Card by email, post, or Apple Store. Cards come in up to 8 different Apple logo designs and standard amounts of $ 25, 50, 100 or a custom quantity.

In a publication regarding this modification, Apple pointed out that old gift cards are still accepted and they remain valid for the products or services for which they were originally purchased.

When the card is used to buy in the App Stores it is possible to purchase revolutionary apps, games on Apple Arcade, over 60 million songs on Apple Music, original series and movies on Apple TV + and an amazing selection of books and audiobooks at Apple Books. While in the virtual or physical Apple Store it is possible to get hold of devices or accessories such as bands, covers or cables Available in the wide range of products with the bitten apple logo.