Apple is closer than ever to Samsung and Huawei in terms of sales

In a year full of uncertainty for the economy in general, Apple has managed to maintain its numbers and even increase them in some markets. According to a recent report published by Canalys, Apple has been the only company to record growth in smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2020, which brings it closer to Samsung and Huawei, currently leaders in markets as important as China.

Information supported by data released by Apple on its second-quarter earnings, confirm revenue of $ 59.7 billion and earnings of $ 11.25 billion during the third fiscal quarter of 2020, with $ 26.42 billion in iPhone revenue.

On this occasion, the company decided to end the rumors and also confirmed that iPhone 12 will launch a few weeks later than usual due to supply restrictions, a situation that may affect iPhone sales for the next fiscal quarter.

Apple sales remain unstoppable

According to analyst Canalys’ report, Apple shipped 45.1 million iPhone units worldwide in the last quarter, which represents a growth of 25% year after year. The setting is incredible, when you consider that the global smartphone market decreased by 14% in the same period.

Specifically, 284.7 million smartphones shipped in Q2 2020, compared to 331.8 million units in the same period of 2019.

In its findings, Canalys also notes that it is unusual for Apple to have significant growth in shipments during the second quarter, as the company generally does not introduce new smartphones during that period. But, strong sales of the second generation iPhone SE have made the result possible.

Likewise, the analyst anticipates that iPhone SE will continue to be crucial to increase volume this yearBecause, as the company has confirmed, its next flagship launch will come much later than expected.