Apple is “testing mind-blowing capabilities in its labs” for the Apple Watch

These days, to everyone’s surprise, have been somewhat more hectic than normal. Apple has not only had its special shopping days, but it has also released the AirPods Max to the market. Last Tuesday, the company showed the world your new premium on-ear headphones, which already has delivery dates for 2021.

apple watch
The Apple Watch in all its glory.

However, this was not the only news they shared. A few months ago, the Apple Fitness + service was introduced, a virtual training platform that integrates fully with the Apple Watch. This new service represents a great step forward for the company in terms of health, as they take a more active role than in the past.

Now, by combining the information provided by the Apple Watch sensors with the experience of professional trainers, Fitness + will help users around the world to achieve their goals when it comes to physical activity, and will do it from next week. But Apple’s health journey does not end there, and Tim Cook has already anticipated that the future will be full of surprises.

In an interview with Michael Roberts, the CEO of Apple spoke on various topics like sports, health, and the environment. And when asked about the future of the Apple Watch, Cook indicated that the current version is only the beginning.

Apple Fitness +
Apple’s fitness experience will arrive next Monday

Apple laboratories would be working on new capabilities for the device and, although he already anticipated that not all of them would see the light of day, he made a most interesting comparison to give us an idea. Specifically, he made a reference to the number of sensors that cars have today, dropping that those of the Apple Watch could grow in number remarkably.

However, what is clear is that Apple’s commitment to health is increasingly firm. Those of Cupertino continue working to offer devices capable of giving us a complete vision of our physical and mental state, with the aim of improving our daily lives.

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