Apple patents a possible new design for the iPhone Pro

Apple has just patented a new design for the iPhone that could fit perfectly with the future iPhone Pro. spectacular design that many would like and with great benefit.

Apple patents a possible new design for the iPhone

Yesterday, Apple improved a patent filed in May corresponding to an airflow inspired design for the Mac. However, in the face of the recent legal problem against patent trolls, the company has decided to expand the details of this document and improve it to direct it to the iPhone in the future, thus protecting your patent against competition and legal problems due to the infringement of foreign patents.

The new addition to the patent document emphasizes an aluminum body that features a repeating pattern of spherical cavities that allow heat flow from the device to be conducted outward, achieving better ventilation.

In the annexes to the patent it says:

“The electronic device of claim 1, wherein the spherical cavities of the repeating base unit pattern are in a compact three-dimensional arrangement. With this he adds … in which the body conducts heat from a component located substantially adjacent to the second surface. ”

New design for iPhone Pro

This patent corresponds to the request and approval number 20200245497, was introduced recently, in the second quarter of 2020. This leads us to the conclusion that Apple could already be working on the iPhone of 2021.

We already have these kinds of ventilation patterns in the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, giving it that high-end touch. It really is a design that excites, because added to the patent that refers to having the Apple Pencil on an iPhone we can begin to visualize a better future for Apple phone design.

PattentlyApple, the site that has published the information of the adjustments of this patent mentions that this new iPhone could be add a cover with a touchpad and keyboard that Apple already patented.

This other patent was also published yesterday and corresponds to the device named “Pro Case”.