Apple Pay officially arrives in Mexico!

Apple Pay has just arrived in Mexico officially. This has been confirmed by the official account of the Citibanamex bank, ensuring that Starting today, February 23, Apple Pay will be available to users of their cards in Mexico. It is likely that throughout the day there will be more confirmations from other banks.

Apple Pay in Mexico
Apple Pay arrives in Mexico

The Apple website continues to show that Apple Pay will be available in Mexico throughout 2021, and we still do not have an official list of banks that will be compatible with Apple’s payment platform.

Apple Pay arrives in Mexico

Several weeks ago Apple announced the arrival of Apple Pay to Mexico, although without a specific date. But now Citibanamex bank has confirmed that from today, February 23, your cards can be added to Apple Pay.

These are the banks that are expected to be compatible with Apple Pay in Mexico initially:

  • Banregio
  • Hey bank
  • Inbursa
  • Citibanamex

Surely throughout today, banks have confirmed the arrival of Apple Pay to Mexico. Very soon you will be able to turn off with your iPhone or with your Apple Watch if you are a customer of one of these banks.

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