Apple requested data from Steam to fight Epic Games

In the battle between Epic Games and Apple, the former has made its strategy clear and has not hesitated to attack the bitten apple by different authorities. But at the gates of an upcoming trial in May of this year, only now have they begun to know each other some of the letters that Apple could show in his defense.


According to a note shared from ., Apple has demanded data from the video game distributor Steam, highly confidential as part of its legal battle with EpicEven though Apple is consistently seen as a great advocate for data privacy.

Apple engages Steam in its defense against Fortnite

Steam has appeared on Apple’s landscape, after Epic previously criticized Steam’s cut from game developers, accusing us of “absorbing a large fraction of the winnings from games.” Apparently Apple wanted to understand Valve’s business model with Steam to help it make its own case for the App Store.

On demand, Valve, owned by Steam, has answered negatively, and now a court must rule on the matter. Among the data that Apple had requested are Valve:

  • Total annual sales of applications and products integrated in the application.

  • Steam’s annual advertising revenue.

  • Annual sales of external products attributable to Steam.

  • Annual income from Steam.

  • Annual earnings (gross or net) from Steam.

  • The name of each application on Steam.

  • The date range the app was available on Steam.

* The price of the app and any in-app product available on Steam.

Valve supports its refusal, recognizing that not only data is incredibly valuable business informationInstead, they don’t even record the level of detail Apple wants, and you’re not even remotely involved in the Apple-Epic dispute in any case.

The conclusion of Valve’s argument requires the court to vacate Apple’s subpoena:

“Somehow, in a dispute over mobile applications, a PC game maker that does not compete in the mobile market or sell ‘applications’ is being presented as a key figure. Is not. The extensive and highly confidential information that Apple requires on a subset of the PC games available on Steam does not show the size or parameters of the relevant market and would be enormously expensive to collect. Apple’s demands for increased production should be rejected. “

It is not the first time any action by Epic Games or Apple is unmerited in this case or that they are accused of “playing dirty.” Recently, the North Dakota legislation against the iPhone was rejected after discovering that it was contracted by Epic Games.

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