Apple sends a survey to several iPhone users revealing possible future news

A few months ago apple sent a survey to certain users asking about the charger that was included in the iPhone box, and we already know how the story ended. Now the company has shipped a questionnaire for new iPhone 12 users with questions about possible future developments.

Apple logo
Apple logo on an Apple Store

Seeing that the survey on the iPhone charger was completed, it may be that this new one we can get some interesting news on the future of Apple devices.

A reader of . has shared with them some of the questions and answers that Apple asked in this survey. It seems that the questions were about your experience with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so it appears to be a survey for new users of the iPhone 12.

The return of Touch ID, iPhone without cable?

In the survey there were numerous questions, but there are two very specific ones that must be assessed. One is about Face ID and the other about the accessories included in the box.

iPhone 12 Pro on the table
iPhone 12 Pro on a table

One of the questions is about if the user is not satisfied with Face IDIn case of answering with a no, several interesting options appear that must be evaluated, these were the options:

  • Security or privacy concerns.
  • I don’t like having to pick up my phone to use Face ID.
  • Slow performance.
  • It doesn’t detect my face in all situations (such as low light, different angles, lying down, wearing sunglasses).
  • I prefer Touch ID.
  • It is not reliable; it doesn’t always unlock the iPhone.
  • Other.
  • I’m not sure.

As we see, Apple targets Touch ID when users say they are unhappy with Face ID. The possible incorporation of an under-screen Touch ID sensor on the iPhone has long been rumored, and it could be something we will see in the future.

In addition to this question, another one stands out that talks about the accessories included in the iPhone box. Apple wants to know if we really use these accessories, including Apple stickers, SIM eject tool, and USB-C to Lightning cable.

Apple survey
Apple survey

We don’t know if Apple wants to launch an iPhone 13 with even fewer accessories, or if you want to include Touch ID. What does seem clear is that at least they want to know the opinion of the users.

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