Apple Silicon processors will not be sold to other companies

The arrival of Apple Silicon processors was confirmed during WWDC20 in June this year. Since then, Apple has released transition kits for developers, and initial tests regarding what the new allows have been progressively released. In that sense, Apple has also stated this technology will not be sold to other companies., clearing one of the most general doubts regarding the new architecture.

During the announcement of the second quarter earnings of this 2020, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, stated that the Apple Silicon have been developed in order to enable your own product plans, “not anyone else’s”. Despite his response, Cook clarified that this position could change at some point.

Tim Cook talks about the Apple Silicon

Taking advantage of the occasion, one of those present at the conference decided to ask if Apple would consider monetizing the technology and becoming what the analyst called a “commercial silicon dealer,” Cook decided to explain why the company decided to move away from Intel.

“If we can own the user experience that way, [nuestro objetivo es] delight the user… And that is the reason why we are using Apple Silicon, because we can imagine some products that we could not otherwise achieve. And that’s how we see it. “

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In his speech, the CEO of the company also spoke about the advantages of developing your own architecture for the Macs processor.

“What we would end up with is a common architecture in all of our products,” he said, “which gives us some interesting things we can do … This unleashes another round of innovation … and so I don’t want to say much about it, other than that we are extremely excited ”.

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