Apple to launch “something new” on September 8, these are the candidates

The world of leakers works very quickly, and you can go from being one of the best to being unrecognized in just a few days. However, several of these leakers have agreed in the last hours on a date: the September 8th. It seems that Apple is going to launch new devices next Tuesday, and there are several candidates on the table.

Keep in mind that it is not an event or keynote, Apple will reveal new devices through its website. That is, we will see a press release revealing its specifications and main functions, and we will be able to buy them to receive them over the next few weeks. We already know that Apple has many devices to present between now and the end of the year, including the iPhone 12. Of course, there’s no chance we’ll see iPhone 12 next Tuesday, Apple will present it in an independent and online event.

Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air, AirPods Studio or all at once?

The first to speak is Jon Prosser, the controversial youtuber has gotten a lot right in recent months about Apple news, although he has also failed on occasion. In a recent tweet he revealed that Apple prepares “something” for next September 8. Previously, Prosser himself had already revealed that during the second week of September the Apple Watch Series 6 and the new iPad Air would be launched, so that is his personal bet.

But those are not the only candidates, other leakers are betting that Apple will launch the rumored AirPods Studio. This new generation of AirPods will change completely and will be more like the classic Beats. That is, they will have a headband design and many adjustments that will substantially improve sound quality.

Apple could choose to launch one of these devices, two of them or even all three at the same time. Being through a press release it is easy to reveal news, although do not rule out that they make an announcement on Tuesday, another on Wednesday and another on Thursday, has already happened on occasion. According to the latest leaks, this is what we know about each of these new devices that Apple could introduce next week:

Apple Watch Series 6

Same design as Apple Watch Series 5.
New sensors to measure the level of oxygen in the blood.
New more efficient and powerful processor, battery life could improve.
Electrocardiogram functions improvements.
Possible mental health measurement functions, such as stress.

iPad Air 4

Square, frameless design, just like the iPad Pro.
Larger screen, probably 11 inches.
Touch ID on unlock button according to leaked manual.
Smart Connector.

AirPods Studio

Available in white and space gray.
Great sound quality with active noise cancellation.
New H1 chip.
Equalizer and ear detector.