Apple Watch SE, Apple’s affordable watch is here

The Apple Watch has received news today for double serving. And it is that it has not only been a question of presenting the Apple Watch Series 6, but the most popular novelty has been the arrival of the new Apple Watch SE, a new version of the company’s smartwatch that dispenses with some novelties in order to reduce its price, bringing the device closer to more users who may not be looking for some of the features that have been offered up to now.

The smart watch of the masses

Based on an Apple Watch half-step between Series 4 and Series 5, in the same way that Apple left the Apple Watch Series 3 as an entry model after the launch of Apple Watch Series 4 and later Series 5, this time be The Apple Watch SE which is responsible for bringing the Apple Watch closer to the majority.

With a design identical to that of these past two generations of Watch, The Apple Watch SE updates the design of the entry model of the range but some features are left on the way that its older brother, the Apple Watch Series 6, does incorporate.

Among them the new blood oxygen measurement or the sensor capable of performing ECGs, one of the most anticipated novelties and another of the most valuable existing features of the Apple smart watch. However, with an S5 chip as a heart and other measurement systems such as a heart rate sensor, compass, GPS or altimeter, This watch that has been presented exclusively in aluminum is a great bet for those who do not seek the top of the range but are still interested in the benefits of Apple’s smart watch.

A known movement

The Apple Watch SE, as its name suggests, follows in the footsteps of the movement that the launch of the iPhone SE meant for Apple. Offers a virtually identical experience to its older brothers at a more restrained price, bringing a traditionally high-cost device closer to a segment that would be interested in getting the device, but that until now had not valued the possibility given the cost and the most affordable options of the competition.

Apple today unveiled a new Apple Watch that will surely become a bestseller, a strong bet that reaffirms how revolutionary this device has been in the company’s current range of products.

Price and availability

Announced a few moments ago, the starting price of this new Apple Watch is $ 279, which will translate after conversion and the sum of taxes to around € 299. Regarding availability, Apple has announced that the new Apple Watch SE can be reserved starting today and will be on sale starting next Friday.