Apple worked with the US government on a secret iPod

iPod classic, one of the most popular models of the player.

Today a very interesting information has emerged, it turns out that Apple collaborated with the United States government in the development of a secret iPod with special features.

As reported by David Shayer, a former Apple software engineer, via TidBits, the company’s chief software officer. asked him to work on a special iPod along with “two engineers from the US Department of Energy.”

Engineers worked to Bechtel, a large US defense contract company. Only four members of Apple were aware of the project.

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The United States Government’s Secret iPod

Everything seems to indicate that not so much the government as Apple did not want to leave a trace on this project, since there is no evidence or any document to confirm the development of this iPod. All communications between both parties happened in person.

The project consisted of creating a modified iPod with custom hardware. It had to function and look like a normal iPod, without any undetectable data to reveal that it was a special device. David Shayer’s role was to help with whatever the Department of Energy needed. Apparently, an office was provided at Apple’s headquarters for engineers from the US Department of Energy.

It was about a modified fifth-generation iPod with a 60GB disk. Apple did not digitally sign the iPod operating system, thus allowing for more convenient software modification.

For anyone unfamiliar with the organization, the Department of Energy is the department responsible for America’s nuclear weapons programs, and in 2005 they had an economic capacity of $ 24.3 billion.