Apple works with TSMC on a processor for autonomous cars, similar to Tesla’s

We have recently learned that ‘Project Titan’, the apple car project, has changed bosses and will now be Apple’s director of artificial intelligence and machine learning who is in charge of carrying it out.

Apple car
Will we ever see an Apple Car?

The Apple Car project has gone through various phases, first it was thought that Apple wanted to launch its own car, but now has resulted in a project focused on the autonomous car and all the technology behind it. Apple does not want to produce its own car, it wants to offer its autonomous driving technology to other manufacturers, at least for now.

And it seems that for the project to go ahead Apple needs special processors designed by themselves. Does it sound like you? It is the same thing that happens with the iPhone, with the iPad, with the Apple Watch or, more recently, with the Macs.

Apple wants a special processor like the one Tesla has

Digitimes today released a somewhat incomplete report on Apple’s so-called ‘Project Titan’. The report says that Apple is working with TSMC to manufacture chips for autonomous cars and exploring the possibility of using factories in the United States.

TSMC appears to have an exclusive plant and has previously developed technology for the theoretical ‘Apple Car’. According to the report “The model that Apple is created for the Apple Car is similar to that of Tesla”. Elon Musk’s company has been working with TSMC for years to create their own processors.

New Apple Car sensor
The current Apple Car

It is not much information, but it seems clear that this project is moving forward. Despite having changed a lot in recent years, Apple continues to invest heavily in its ‘Apple Car’ and this technology could be ready in the next few years. We will see how Apple decides to bring it to market, since it has never liked selling its technology to others.

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