Apple would launch a new entry-level iPad with A13 chip in 2021

A new report from China assures that Apple plans to launch a new entry-level iPad in mid-2021. This new iPad would debut a slimmer and lighter design and would incorporate the A13 Bionic processor.

iPad 2020
The iPad 2020 was introduced very recently

Remember that the current entry-level iPad was launched just two months ago. In September Apple unveiled the new iPad Air and an entry-level iPad that basically updated its processor to incorporate the A12 Bionic. This report from cnBeta says we will see a new renovation very soon:

«Apple is very busy now, because this year they released a lot of new products, and now they have to reasonably organize how to produce them, especially the iPhone 12 Pro series, which is very out of stock. The report also mentioned that in addition to preparing for new products this year, Apple also plans to produce some new products by next spring, including a new generation of iPad..

According to the exposed information, the shape of the new generation of iPad (also known as iPad 9) is basically the same as the current one. Adopt 10.5-inch full-fit LED screen, keep the traditional design with Touch ID, but the body will be lighter and slimmer«.

ipad 2019
The entry-level iPad is Apple’s best-selling

An updated entry iPad

This rumor has to be taken with some caution. Apple just renewed this iPad model, and the included A12 Bionic processor is more than enough for this type of device. However, this is what this report says that we will see in the new entry iPad:

  • Classic design but in a slimmer and lighter body.
  • Increase screen size changing e 10.2 inches to 10.5.
  • Maintains Touch ID in its current position, nothing to pass it to the unlock button as in the iPad Air.
  • Increase storage 32GB to 64GB base.
  • RAM also increases reaching 4 GB.
  • The Lightning connection it is still present.
  • Constant price: $ 299.
  • Launching spring 2021.

They are quite consistent specifications for the entry iPad, but we It seems weird that Apple decides to update it in the middle of the year instead of waiting until the end. But hey, you never know what Apple might do in the future.

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