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The last steps to make the Apple car a reality may be taking these days. As published yesterday by the Korea IT News, Hyundai Motor and Apple have reached an agreement to produce in partnership electric and autonomous cars. The information follows an official statement last Friday where Hyundai Motor officials acknowledged initial conversations with Apple. Hyundai’s shares rose nearly 20%.

Apple is the most profitable company on the planet and it will not stop exploring any market segment where it can increase profits. On your own where you have enough technology or through strategic partnerships with great specialists as is the case.

According to the information, the partnership would be officially announced next March and a beta version of the car would be available next year. The Apple Car would be assembled at the factory that Kia Motors (a subsidiary of Hyundai Motors) has in the state of Georgia with the anticipation of producing 100,000 units in 2024 and a subsequent manufacture that would rise to 400,000 cars per year.

Apple car

«It is very difficult to hide a product if you hire more than a thousand engineers to create it“Elon Musk declared in an interview with the BBC in 2016 when his company Tesla was starting the revolution in electric and autonomous cars and where the executive assured that the Apple Car was a” secret “known in the industry.

A year later, an Apple lawsuit against one of its employees, Xiaolang Zhang, for theft of confidential information and transfer of data to the Chinese firm dedicated to the technological research of automobiles, XMotors, confirmed (in case more evidence was needed) that Apple’s smart car project was a reality and 5,000 employees (no less) were involved.

apple car

The truth is that the Apple car has been in development long before. It has never been confirmed, but it was commented in the American media that it was the last project Steve Jobs was working on before his death. The project – codenamed Titan – would be led by Steve Zadesky, Apple’s vice president of design who came from Ford to lead a large group of employees that would include the former head of Mercedes Research and Development also signed for the occasion.

Apple already has a presence in the automotive sector, lukewarm, but continuous, starting with CarPlay, the iOS variant designed for car infotainment systems with a leading role for the Siri assistant. Since the launch of the software there have been rumors and last month we echoed the development of Apple’s own batteries. And don’t forget Apple’s work with LiDAR. A technology that is already used in iPhone and iPad and that is key in autonomous cars.

apple car

Apple has its own technology to cover some sections of a smart car, but it is obvious that it lacks hundreds of other components and the ability to produce them. This is where the strategic partnership with Hyundai Motor comes in, one of the great automobile companies, essential for Apple to follow in the footsteps of Tesla Motors in the commercialization of autonomous, connected and electric cars.

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