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Saving is a matter of changing your consumption habits and every day counts.

If one of your purposes for 2021 is to start saving, look at this tip.

This 30-day rule is just one example of how you can get started.

If you intend to save but still have no idea how to achieve it, the 30-day method may be the solution for you.
This program is designed for people who make compulsive purchases, but have a strong intention to start their savings habit.
To start saving money instead of spending it on unnecessary or non-essential purchases, it is best to check if you really need to spend that money on that item and / or service.
You may have a hard time cutting back on your ant expenses, those little treats that you give yourself every day like your coffee, or a soft drink or mid-afternoon snacks.
The 30-day method will help you create a savings habit and get away from your compulsive spending.

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The first thing you should know is that the 30-day rule is a method designed for those people who want to start the habit of saving but do not know how to start.
The idea is to start small, start educating yourself about your consumption habits and give yourself clarity about what you really need to buy and what you can expect at another time.
You can even identify what expenses you can stop making because they are not really necessary or essential.

Write in a notebook the price, the date and the place of the store of the item that you wanted to buy and did not take.
Put that amount of money in a savings account.
It is recommended that you have one exclusively for this purpose and the corresponding debit card is kept at home very well stored to avoid the temptations of compulsive purchases.
Repeat this operation with each product or service that is not essential and that was only a “treat” that you wanted to give yourself at that moment.
Wait 30 days with patience and away from compulsive purchases.
If you really need the product that you left in the store, you can return for it.
But if after these days you realize that you did not need it, you will know how much you can save if you start by controlling your compulsive purchases.

The 30 day challenge is a way to begin to educate ourselves and control our personal finance, which will become a habit that will help you always have a balance in your favor.

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