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Do you notice your skin more irritated than ever? You may also suffer from ‘maskstress’

If you have sensitive skin, you should know that it is the one that ages the fastest. Experts say so, who reveal that this winter cases will multiply not only because of the cold, but also because of the current uncertainty and the use of the sanitary mask that has already caused a phenomenon known as maskné , or acne breakouts that appear from wearing a covered face most of the day. In addition to the pimples, redness and irritation are other direct consequences of the new reality, problems that already have a name, maskstress, a combination of the word ‘mask’ (mask in English) and stress. As a solution, experts point to a good choice of moisturizer as a fundamental measure and, to help you, they list the type of ingredients that cannot be missing in its formula. VIEW GALLERY-The mistake you are making if you think you have sensitive skin What is the ‘maskstress’? Pedro Catalá, cosmetologist, doctor in Pharmacy and founder of Twelve Beauty, reveals that the skin has never been so stressed as now, a a moment in which the damage derived from low temperatures is compounded by wearing a third of the face covered most of the time: “The use of the mandatory protective mask facilitates the creation of a microenvironment on the face that is characterized by a increased humidity, CO2 levels, temperature and the number of bacteria and microorganisms coming from the mouth and the respiratory system “. The consequences of this phenomenon? The expert warns that “in contact with our skin, this situation causes different problems and the most common are inflammation, irritation, redness and acne. And what the skin has experienced so far is nothing compared to what is coming” . Dr. Lidia Maroñas, Dermatologist at the University Hospital October 12, adds that “the worsening of sensitive skin, perioral dermatitis, lip cheilitis and eczema derived from extreme dryness of the skin are some of the consultations that we are currently attending the most even in patients who previously had no skin problems. ” Furthermore, the expert reveals that “the use of humidifiers indoors has been shown to reduce transepidermal water loss by improving the integrity of the skin’s barrier function.” A perfect option is Pure Humidify + Cool by Dyson, which the brand explains that “hygienically humidifies each room, thanks to the UV-C light it incorporates, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the tank water, avoiding that these are inhaled “. -‘Hand aging ‘: learn to take care of the part of the body that reveals age before The cold factor Dr. Elena Martínez Lorenzo, dermatologist at the Pilar de Frutos Clinic, explains the reason why acne breakouts are becoming more frequent due to the mask: “The occlusion generates little or no ventilation in the area and this, together with the humidity produced by breathing, causes the pore to dilate; if we associate this with the role that saliva plays in favoring the increase of microorganisms hence the acne breakouts. ” A phenomenon that is enhanced by the cold wave, as Pedro Catalá warns: “With the drop in temperatures the problem worsens, since we constantly change from that humid microenvironment caused by the mask to the dry heat of the heating when we get home and remove it. ” The most hydrating super ingredients Although good hydration is key every day of the year, specialists remember that this winter is even more important and also to find the ideal formula to combat the dryness typical of the most extreme climates. The first place in terms of the active ingredients with the greatest moisturizing power goes to hyaluronic acid: “Size does matter and the higher molecular weight it has, the better in this case since it creates a permeable film that keeps the skin elastic and lubricated. On the contrary, the low molecular weight one (it appears on the labels as hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid) is basically a normal-sized hyaluronic acid molecule cut into parts to favor their penetration into the skin “, reveals Pedro Catalá, who recommends Ideal Twelve Beauty Moisture Level Serum, an almost instantaneous absorption serum with the ability to create a barrier on the face that maintains the ideal levels of moisture and that, in addition, “thanks to a high concentration of active ingredients, combats the effects of cold and heating “. Lactic acid is also a great winter ally, of which Catalá explains that” it is found in the Natural Hydration Factor of the foot l. In low doses it acts as a moisturizer and in high doses it has an exfoliating action. “In addition, Dr. Mar Lázaro, an expert in Aesthetic Medicine, also recommends it to have a more beautiful and luminous complexion before the holidays because” it is an ideal alpha hydroxy acid for sensitive, dehydrated and dark skin “, some results that can be achieved with its pro-luminosity Peeling in which it combines this acid with ferulic. VIEW GALLERY-Do you think your cosmetics have no effect? ​​This may be the problem hyaluronic and lactic acids, glycerin is also a very useful asset when it comes to keeping dehydration at bay. Of course, the creator of Twelve Beauty has a warning: “It is the best known moisturizer and is considered the reference ingredient. You just have to be careful with high doses, which leave a sticky feeling on the skin. “Alternatively, the specialist talks about propanediol that” is similar to glycerin, but has a more attractive texture. “Apart from talking about the benefits of Saccharide Isomerate, Sodium PCA or Sorbitol in this regard, Catalá ends the list of super ingredients with the famous urea, which “provides a very comforting sensation when spread and is rich in nitrogen, thus stimulating the synthesis of key proteins for the skin “. The importance of the lips Finally, in addition to a good moisturizer to protect the face against dryness, never forget your lips. And even less in winter:” The lips are one of the most sensitive areas of the body. If we add to this the effects of external factors such as humidity, the cold of winter or even the microclimate generated by the continued use of masks, we are subjecting the lips to a lot of suffering, “says dermatologist and cosmetic specialist Laura Bey. The expert points out that a lip balm should be applied about 3 times a day and that the ingredients to look for in its formulas are waxes and oils rich in triglycerides, antioxidants and lipids. A good option? Hydro Care by Kneipp® with 100% ingredients of natural origin and the promise to hydrate in a constant, intense and long-lasting way.

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