Are the Democrats ready to rule?

There is something that is really changing what plural representation of a part of congressmen and senators means.

Democrats have achieved historic milestones in these elections in terms of the plurality of some of their representatives, such as the election of the first transsexual senator, Sarah McBride, for the same state as Biden, Delaware. Also, the United States Congress will have a representative of the Black Lives Matter movement, Cori Bush, a congresswoman for the state of Missouri.

These new additions include the so-called The Squad, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ihlan Omar, who have managed to renew their seats in the United States Congress after defeating their Republican opponents in the different states they represent, according to the predictions of the media. from the country.

The Squad, with Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortes as the maximum reference of this Democratic political sector, is consolidating its image to the left of the party with its proposals. They reaffirm day by day their message of gender diversity and the renewal of the Democratic political class, which is also very entrenched in its quotas of power.

To all this, there is in the middle the history of very doubtful contradictions of Biden himself. As early as 1980, Biden had supported all measures antibusing that had stood in the Senate for the previous five years. That included repeatedly voting in favor of measures antibusing that the arch-curator had presented Jesse helms.

It should be remembered that the busing It was a policy of mass transportation of young students to districts other than those of their residences, with the objective of ending racial segregation that would lead to a diversification of student members in neighborhoods where racial discrimination was suffered.

Biden starred in the 1978 amendment Eagleton-Biden that prohibited the Department of Health, Education and Welfare from ordering the use of the bus to remedy school segregation. This amendment was led by Senators Thomas F. Eagleton, Democrat of Missouri, and Joseph R. Biden, Democrat of Delaware, the amendment was the third and most restrictive law on the subject passed by Congress in recent years.

Biden was also one of the editors of the Crime Act 1994, in the middle of the Bill Clinton administration, one of the causes for which there are deep conflicts between police officers and judges against communities such as black or Hispanic. Black Lives Matter was born to combat this law and the racist policemen, and the leftist sector of the Dem’s energetically calls for the reform of this law, as well as a reform of the judicial system.

The racial debate in the house of the liberals is very alive, there are those among them who ask to lower the pluralist message, since this irritates an important part of the white electorate that feels how other realities such as the economic situation, growing unemployment, the sanitary deficit etc.

A proof of this aversion is the reaction of many Democratic members to the announcement made by the senator Elizabeth warren regarding their ancestral descent with the native Indians. That created mockery and a certain mockery of this senator from Massachusetts that forced her to provoke tests of her DNA.

And to all this there are powerful organizations close to the Democrats that promote plurality in representation, also in political proposals. The organization Justice Democrats represents an internal lobby that promotes young, progressive candidates with different origins that has been the seed of the election of congressmen such as the media Ocasio-Cortes.

Run for something (young people claiming to influence the Democratic Party, or the support of many dreamers (New foreign residents fighting for their American nationality). They are two of the many organizations that seek to broaden the view towards an interracial society.

To all this, an internal debate between the members of the party of urban origin and the members of the rural or southern communities is anticipated. It seems a deepening between progress of urban lineage and a more conservative and slow progress as is what the Democrats of the agricultural, rural or smaller states seem to believe.

Y Bernie sanders is still there, although its movement Our Revolution It seems that he is disintegrating despite the fact that his power of influence is very important, his figure is essential to initiate a transition towards a truly renovating movement on the left of the Democratic Party.

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