Are you laughing at your dance? JLO imitates Shakira’s dance on social networks – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Are you laughing at your dance?  JLO imitates Shakira's dance on social networks (INSTAGRAM)

Are you laughing at your dance? JLO imitates Shakira’s dance on social networks | INSTAGRAM

The famous actress, Jennifer López is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and talented women on the planet and it is that on several occasions we have observed her look spectacular with her beautiful outfits, and it does not matter if it is a simple sports outfit, casual clothing or dresses and ball gowns, in whatever way she always stands out.

We know well in the same way that JLo, since its inception has impacted the world with its dance steps and difficult choreographies, well executed and thanks to this, on more than one occasion it has been news in various media, since its movements are worthy of admiration worldwide.

And it was just what happened on this occasion, although it should be noted that it is already a thing of the past, the followers have brought it to light again, and that is why we notified you of the fact, in case you had not found out before.

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Shakira and Jennifer Lopez proved to be the perfect duo on stage at Super Bowl LIV, however, the relationship between them is not free from scandals because a few years ago JLo made a video where he made fun of the Colombian dance.

It happened in 2014, when JLo appeared at the opening of the World Cup in Brazil and before going on stage he made a reference to the Colombian, the context of this is in the song “La la la”, which Shakira interprets and that Many asked that it be “the official song of the World Cup”, because JLo’s song “We are one” did not convince.

So it was the same entertainment media who made this trend a trend, at least in the United States, Mexico and Latin America, where they affirmed that the Colombian interpreter should feel upset with her New York colleague, JLO.

“You could say that Shakira must be very ashamed of her colleague’s recording. JLo gets rid of her dance without a doubt and this is what has bothered the singer’s followers the most ”, was just one of the accusations that were in the multiple publications on the net.

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Yes, it’s all about a video where Lopez video appears mockingly moving his hips and while he does it, he recreates a little noise with which, if it seems that it is a joke.

For this reason, when Lopez imitated Shakira’s hip movement and at the end made a gesture of few friends, many thought it was a kind of provocation towards his colleague, the truth is that it seems that Shakira did not hold any grudge, because after the great dynamics that they showed on stage last year showed how good teammates they are.

And it is that, Shakira is one of the most admired Latin stars for her great talent, beauty and sense of humanity, which is why the video that Jennifer Lopez recorded in which she imitates in a funny way the movements of the woman has been very controversial. Columbian singer.

Jennifer’s video was uploaded to YouTube and has not stopped being shared, since the action of the also singer has left much to be desired in the entertainment world, the reason is that both singers are very loved by the public, which think respect has been lost this time.

The talent of our beloved Shaki has never been questioned and the imitation that JLO does indicates as if they were simple somewhat silly movements, so that Lopez mocks Shakira’s gifts has no forgiveness from God for his followers .

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