Are your rivals worried about your return to Formula 1?

That the FIA ​​has made an exception allowing Fernando Alonso Participating in the test for young drivers that will take place in Abu Dhabi on December 15th has caused quite a stir. According to the Asturian pilot himself, this is because his rivals are worried.

How am I? Happy to see my rivals so concerned”Said Fernando Alonso when asked about it on Sky Sports. “Kubica is going to do them I think too, Buemi too, but yes, there is not much talk about that”, He stressed. “I know there are many conversations about me. But I’m just catching up and you can rest assured that I won’t develop anything“Added the Spanish.

The one who is not worried about the return of Alonso to Formula 1 is Esteban Ocon, who will be his companion next season. And even less after the Sakhir Grand Prix finished in second position: “Fernando comes to the team, he will bring new experience, more new information for the team and I have a great relationship with him so I’m not worried”.

For Cyril Abiteboul, Renault team boss, the one who should be concerned is Alonso after seeing the result achieved by Ocon in Bahrain: “We felt that a podium was absolutely possible, but for some reason we had previously disappointed him, but this time everything went well. . This moment with Esteban was really crucial because it shows Fernando what he will have to deal with next season.”.

Renault justifies the presence of Alonso

After the commotion caused by the authorization of Fernando Alonso to participate in the test for young drivers in Abu Dhabi, Cyril Abiteboul justified his presence: “Why is it necessary? I will be very direct, you have to give him the best possible tools to work next year. Nobody is here for something other than performance, maybe other teams are not here for performance, but for a business purpose. We do not do this for a commercial issue, we do it to enhance our own competitiveness. What any entity would do ”.

“We have been clear with the FIA ​​and F1 about what we wanted to do and also I don’t think they can blame us for not helping young drivers With everything we do, no manufacturer has invested half as much as we have in their academy. Drivers we assist financially, in addition to the Formula Renault that half of the F1 drivers have gone through. They cannot accuse us of not investing in young drivers, ”added the French team boss.

Sainz, in favor of Alonso; Ferrari, against

The one who has not received authorization from the FIA ​​to participate in the young drivers test was Carlos Sainz. Despite this, he thus defended both his presence and that of Fernando Alonso when asked about it: “It is no secret that I would be interested in testing the Ferrari, but it does not depend on me. It depends on the interests of the teams, which have to agree, and the FIA. A day and a half to prepare a season is practically impossible, it will be very complicated, just as it will be done to Fernando and Ricciardo”.

However, the head of the Ferrari team, Mattia Binotto, was opposed to the Asturian’s presence: “I think this is all a bit of a mess, and certainly we at Ferrari believe that it is wrong that Fernando can test in Abu Dhabi”. Like the Italian, Andreas Seidl, McLaren team boss, noted: “Fernando is a great Formula 1 driver, with a great track record of success. Y I can’t really see how it fits into the sole purpose of testing a young rider”.

Lando norris, partner of Carlos Sainz At McLaren, he was also frowning on the fact that Alonso was authorized to participate in the Abu Dhabi Young Drivers Test: “It is quite obvious that Fernando is not a young driver. It’s not that I’ve only done one or two races, This year it has already carried out innumerable tests on Formula 1 cars. So I don’t get it. I don’t understand why the rules have changed just for him. I think it’s pretty silly and shouldn’t be allowed”.

For its part, Ricciardo, whom Alonso will relieve at Renault next season, took the matter with humor and declared: “I think Fernando has maintained a lot of health and fitness. He is seen in very good shape and quite young. I think at first glance it certainly passes by a young driver”.

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