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The remains of a titanosaur were discovered in the Sierra Chata area, in Neuquén. So far they have found 20 caudal vertebrae and other bones.

Argentina can add one more historical character in its illustrious existence. After Diego Maradona, Leo Messi and Pope Francis, one can boast of having the largest dinosaur in history.

It is a titanosaur, a sauropod that lived 98 million years ago. Part of his remains have been found in the Sierra Chata area, Neuquén province.

In any case, the Argentines already held the record: Patagotitan mayorum, found in Chubut, was already the largest land animal. It could measure up to 37.2 meters in length and weigh up to 57 tons.

What have archaeologists found in Argentina?

The discovery was made by the company Pampa Energía, assisted by scientists from the National University of Comahue.

So far they only found 20 anterior caudal vertebrae plus four posterior and several appendicular bones.

« It is considered one of the largest sauropods ever found, probably outnumbering Patagotitan, » stated the report in the journal Cretaceous Research.

« The fossil remains correspond to a herbivorous dinosaur, probably from the Rebbachisauridae family », deepens the National University of Comahue. « The remains, despite being fragmentary, allow us to provide relevant information about this group. »

How big is the exact dinosaur?

Although titanosaurs have already been found in other parts of South America, Europe and Madagascar, the current remains in Neuquén would surpass them all. They do not have the exact size, but they estimate that it is greater than 37 meters.

« It is a huge dinosaur, » said paleontologist Alejandro Otero to CNN. “We hope to find much more skeleton on future excursions. This way we will have the possibility to confidently approach how great it was ”.

Paleontologists need to examine the dinosaur’s femur for estimated size and weight.

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