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The former Minister of Health of Tucumán Pablo Yedlin was one of the most active deputies in 2020. It is that, in a year crossed by the pandemic, he was in charge of the Health commission, through which a series of large-scale projects passed, such as the legalization of abortion, the declaration of public interest for the production of vaccines against Covid-19 and the campaign for the donation of blood plasma. In a talk with El Cronista, the doctor spoke about the need for a comprehensive reform of the health system, He expressed his opinion on how the second wave of coronavirus should be faced and stressed the need for classes to be face-to-face again.

Are you satisfied with the information that was released about the Sputnik V vaccine?

From the Health committee, this president and the Senate president, we received in time and as the vaccine law sanctioned in 2020 says, the AstraZeneca and Sputnik contracts. We do not lack information. In addition, I shared it with the vice president (Carmen Polledo), from another political space (PRO), so that she has knowledge. Of course there are confidential topics, such as the price or the delivery sequence.

Is this common?

Look also

No, but this is what is enabled by the law we enact and the contracts require it, based on the need of laboratories, in a year in which the supply of vaccines is much lower than the demand. But, that they are confidential does not imply that we did not know them, we had access to the contracts; as well as Sigen and AGN, which they control.

Do you agree with the President on the need to reform the health system?

The sanitaristas have been saying that the system needs a fundamental reform, because it has several problems, not only that of financing and division. There is a very severe human resources problem; it remains to decide which health strategy to implement. There is also a huge nursing deficit, in addition to the high costs of drugs. If we talk about health reform, we talk about all this. When he says that the health reform is that instead of there being 300 social works, that there are five, we are talking about a small reform.

What would they propose to the Deputies?

In the Health commission we did not receive any project nor were we consulted, but we agree that structural reform is necessary and we will need the table where all health sectors. In the Argentine health system there is no one left, you cannot think of a health system that excludes the private sector, to social security or to be nationalized. Nobody seriously can raise it: Argentina needs all the actors to generate a mixed system of quality and efficiency.

As a physician, how should the second wave be approached?

We have to be careful not to make global decisions for the entire country. Each jurisdiction has its own epidemiological reality and must follow that rhythm. And it would be much more aggressive for less time. It would make Israeli-style closures: it would close everything for 15 days and then release. That proved more effective and less costly.

Will it be 2021 with face-to-face classes?

The classes were the worst. The educational system was the hardest hit and the boys the most damaged. We have to prioritize the vaccination of teachers so that we have face-to-face classes at all levels. It has to be the priority of the vaccination schedule.

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