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Social market economy: candidate Yonhy Lescano’s recipe for Peru

Lima, Feb 22 (EFE) .- Yonhy Lescano will promote a “social market economy” and will defend the population “against the abuses committed by companies”, although without implementing any nationalization plan in case of winning the general elections of the next April 11 in Peru. “We in the Government Plan, nor in any statement, have we said that we are going to do statism, we are not going to nationalize any company, what we are promoting is the social market economy,” Lescano declared this Monday, during a teleconference with the Association of Foreign Press in Peru (APEP). The candidate of the Popular Action party (AP), who in the polls appears among the favorites to win the elections, also assured that he is an admirer of politicians such as former Uruguayan president José Mujica and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. INVESTMENT WITH RESPECT Lescano, 62, born in the southern Andean region of Puno, emphasized that he is not “against” private investment, but believes “that the company has to assume its social responsibility to provide good services” to citizens. “What we demand is respect and consideration of the economic agents so that they can function in the State,” he emphasized in reference to one of the main political banners that he has wielded during his almost twenty years as an AP congressman. In this sense, he added that the State “has a subsidiary function” in aspects such as water management, which “cannot be in the hands of private companies,” as well as in air service to locations where private airlines do not arrive. NEITHER FROM THE LEFT NOR FROM THE RIGHT When questioned about his position on the political spectrum, Lescano assured that AP, a party that was founded by the two-time Peruvian president Fernando Belaúnde (1963-1968 and 1980-1985), has “a political doctrine own, not left or right. ” “It is a product of the traditions and history of Peru,” he said before adding that in his campaign he has assumed as parameters the Quechua doctrines of “Ama Sua, Ama Llulla and Ama Quella” (not being a thief, not being a liar, not being a idle). After ensuring that “it is not necessary to plagiarize, copy, interpret the great universal guidelines of political philosophy”, he declared himself an admirer of the Uruguayan Mujica and the German Merkel, whom he considered “honorable and valuable.” “DEGLOBALIZE” THE ECONOMY The candidate explained that one of the main approaches of his campaign, which proposes “to de-globalize the economy”, involves “strengthening the domestic productive apparatus”, since the impact of the pandemic “has left lessons” in his country . “Who has saved us from the pandemic? National farmers, national producers, that’s what I mean when I say deglobalize,” he said. Faced with the serious economic crisis that his country is facing after the harsh impact of the covid-19 pandemic, Lescano said that reactivation should be sought through investment by the State, “while promoting private investment in terms of equity.” In that sense, he said that the Pacific Alliance, which brings together Peru with Chile, Colombia and Mexico, “seems good to him” and that his administration will not “have ideological differences to form blocs.” He added that his government will strengthen international relations and hopes that these will be “cordial” with border countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. ODEBRECHT AND . The candidate also pointed out that in his administration the State will not re-sign contracts with companies linked to acts of corruption such as Odebrecht and the construction companies linked to the case known as “The construction club.” “That would be rewarding crime because they would say it is business to commit crimes in Peru, that gives a lot of benefits,” he said before emphasizing that it must “put an end to this policy that is disastrous.” He also opined that the Pension Fund Administrators (.) should be kept, but with an improvement “in the legal framework”, so that workers do not pay “such high commissions” and because it is not possible to “continue only with the system of the State, which will continue to distribute miseries. ” REJECTION OF FUJIMORISM The candidate said that in a possible government of his he will seek to form alliances “with democratic parties that do not violate human rights, do not have thieves and accused of corruption.” After expressing his expectation that he will achieve a majority bench in Congress, he marked distances with the Popular Force party, led by his electoral rival Keiko Fujimori. “With Fujimorism it is very difficult to make a kind of alliance, they have always asked for forgiveness, they have said we were wrong, and they have never changed,” he said. Lescano also said that he is in favor of “promoting a change” in the 1993 Constitution, which occurred during the government of Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), and that “if the political forces do not want to” he will promote the convening to a referendum. HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE AND ABORTION He further stated that “marriage between a man and a woman should not be touched, because it is a legal fact”, but said that he cannot “deny” that “there is a minority of the population (of the same sex) that unites and must have its standards as well. ” He also ratified his rejection of the legalization of abortion and said that this “is already regulated in some way in Peru when there is danger to the life of the mother”, but in all other cases “we must give them another solution.” Referring to the scandal that has been unleashed in his country after it was revealed that senior officials were secretly vaccinated against covid-19, Lescano said that “those responsible must be punished,” because it is “a betrayal, a reprehensible act.” He affirmed that in his administration measures will be dictated so that any public official who commits an infraction of the rules will no longer perform functions for the State. In the fight against the pandemic, he recalled that his country already has contracts for the purchase of vaccines “for all Peruvians”, but considered that this process “has to be speeded up” and if necessary they should travel to the vaccine-producing countries. ministers in charge “and if there are problems, the president himself.” (c) EFE Agency

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