Ariel Winter has the jumpsuit every Star Wars fan will want

Ariel Winter wore a jumpsuit with a Baby Yoda print and thus joins the list of celebrities who declare themselves Star Wars fans.

In tastes genres are broken and when a garment you like and it makes you feel good, there is no reason not to wear it, even when it looks like pajamas.

That’s what Ariel Winter did to attend her laser hair removal appointment at Sherman Oaks.

The actress who recently wrapped up her long run on the television series “Modern Family” is taking this work hiatus in stride.

In the absence of dating and the comfort that social isolation offers, she selected this look inspired by the hit Disney + series, The Mandalorian.

With natural skin and platinum blonde hair, Ariel seems to be enjoying her free time, especially now that Just moved.

She seems to like her outfit quite a bit, as she also shared a selfie on her Instagram in which she appears wearing it and shows off her red lips.

Judging by the accompanying text, Ariel quite misses sunning herself and seeing her freckles appear, but while that is happening, she enjoys her laser dates.

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