Arrested a woman who hid the body of the man with whom she lived to continue collecting her insurance

A woman from Bradenton, in western Florida (United States), had her first appearance in court on Thursday after being detained by hiding the lifeless body of your roommate in a garbage can, which he then asked a neighbor to store on his porch, so he could continue to use the deceased’s Social Security benefits.

Michelle Haney, 48, who was arrested Wednesday, was set on $ 50,000 bond and faces a charge of “abuse of a human body” and possibly another for “Social Security fraud”, as determined by Manatee County Judge Frederick Mercurio.

Following her arrest on Wednesday, the woman confessed to Manatee County Sheriff’s Office officers who last July found the lifeless body of Jon Christopher Leonard, 40, with whom he shared a home in his home.

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Instead of alerting the authorities, Haney hid the body in his closet for three weeks and then he wrapped it up and put it in a garbage can in the backyard of the apartment, all in order to charge about $ 1,200 per month that the deceased received from Social Security and to which the woman had access.

Later, when she was forced to leave the mobile home where she lived, Haney left the garbage can with a neighbor who she asked to keep it for a few weeks and indicated that it contained personal items, as reported by the sheriff’s office.

As after two months the woman did not return, this Tuesday the man decided to empty the bucket and it was when to his surprise he discovered Leonard’s lifeless body in an advanced state of decomposition.

The neighbor called authorities, who immediately launched an investigation that has led to Haney’s arrest.

According to Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells, the autopsy revealed that Leonard died of natural causes.

The sheriff added that the deceased’s ex-partner had alerted the Bradenton Police about the disappearance of the man since October.

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