Arrested several of the robbers of the Capitol

15 minutes. The US authorities reported that several of the assailants on Capitol Hill were arrested this weekend, while Congressional Democrats detail their plans to begin the process for a second impeachment of the outgoing president, Donald Trump, on Monday.

One of the first assailants to be arrested was Richard Barnett, the man who walked in and took pictures of himself on Capitol Hill in the office of the Speaker of the Lower House, Nancy Pelosi. Barnett was apprehended in Arkansas,

Barnett, was charged with illegal and violent entry into a restricted building and disorderly conduct. He is also accused of stealing public property. The latter, by mail from the legislator that he allegedly took after posing for photographers.

They also arrested Adam Christian Johnson in Florida, who was seen carrying Pelosi’s lectern during the assault on the Capitol.

Jake Angeli, a member of the Qanon conspiracy theory movement who goes by the Yellowstone Wolf on his YouTube channel, was among the capitol raiders who were arrested. Angeli is remembered because during the attack on the Capitol he was photographed disguised as a buffalo.

Mike Pence repudiated attack on Capitol: "Will not be tolerated"
Jake Angeli, who stood out in the attack for his buffalo helmet, is among those arrested (EFE / EPA / Jim Lo Scalzo)


Pelosi assured this Friday in a letter to her colleagues that she would begin the impeachment process if Trump did not resign “immediately”, something that seems highly unlikely.

Democrats plan to accuse the current president of “inciting an insurrection” for his responsibility in the assault on the Capitol.

Monday is when they plan to present their charge against Trump and vote in plenary to formally accuse him of it by the middle of next week. However, under the US system, it is the Senate that must be in charge of developing the impeachment.

The proposal was joined by Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, the first Republican senator to call for the president’s resignation. Trump is alleged to have instigated the assault on the Capitol last Wednesday, which left five dead.

“I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused quite a bit of damage,” Murkowski said. in an interview with the newspaper Anchorage Daily News in relation to the violent assault of Trump’s followers on Congress to interrupt a session in which legislators were going to certify the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

The draft drafted by the Democrats calls for his removal. It also includes your “disqualification from holding and enjoying any position of honor, trust, or benefit under the United States”.

The progressive caucus is confident that that point will help convince some Republicans in the Senate who are considering running for the presidential elections in 2024 and who see Trump as a possible rival in that race, according to the daily Politico.

Trump disability

Pelosi also left open the option of pushing a bill that would create a commission to help decide whether a president is “capable” of governing. However, removing Trump in that way would require the go-ahead of Vice President Mike Pence, who for now has refused to act.

The proposal seeks to create a new mechanism to comply with the provisions of Amendment 25 of the Constitution. This indicates that the vice president can replace the president if he declares in writing that this president “is incapable” of carrying out the position.

To do this, the vice president must have either a majority of the cabinet or “another type of body that Congress may create by law.” This is something that now does not exist and that the bill seeks to create. However, that measure would have no effect without the complicity of Pence.

Before Twitter permanently suspended his personal account on Friday, Trump announced that he will not attend Biden’s inauguration. The president-elect celebrated that decision of the outgoing president.

“This is one of the few things that he and I have ever agreed on. It’s a good thing, don’t come“Biden assured.

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