Artificial Intelligence creates super realistic models with few clothes to pose

The Artificial intelligence It has come to stay and apparently destroy a lot of tasks, trades and jobs that were previously carried out by humans. But what we didn’t count on is that these AI platforms could also steal jobs from OnlyFans models.

At the end of 2022 we saw how the issue caught fire due to the release of platforms such as Midjourney that allowed illustrations to be developed in seconds that would otherwise take hours of work for a professional graphic designer.

It is enough to enter a series of instructions in simple text to generate really complicated pieces that would normally not be possible for someone without technical knowledge of art and design. That is already a complicated enough topic, especially from an ethical and labor perspective in the medium term. But what many did not reflect on is that it was just the beginning of everything.

A perfect example is the case of TheRRRealist, a project that has gone viral on Twitter and DevianArt, where an AI system is basically used to create virtual lingerie models so realistic that it is almost impossible to distinguish that they are not real.

The OnlyFans Creator Community Could Be At Risk From TheRRRealist’s Artificial Intelligence

When the debate over DeepFake videos for adults arose, an obvious controversy arose over the degree of abuse and violence that was committed by digitally inserting the face of another person (usually famous) in a video with explicit content.

But now the development of Artificial Intelligence platforms allows the creation of pieces that are absolutely virtual but with disturbing doses of realism. So much and to such a degree that it is impossible to distinguish that it is not a real person.

It is in this context that colleagues from roll share the case of TheRRRealist a project spread by Twitter and DevianArt where we see how the Stable Diffusion platform has been used to generate OnlyFans sessions with virtual models that look more than real.

To show the scope of this project, we share here some images, which are not explicit in themselves, but which require discretion for viewing:

As we can see, in practically all cases, the non-existent models go completely unnoticed as real women thanks to the development that this Artificial Intelligence has reached.

This situation marks a clear possible scenario where the content that abounds on sites like OnlyFans could soon be dominated by these virtual models.