Artificial Intelligence Describes a Post-Apocalyptic Future

The advancement of technology, although it promises a bright future for humanity, for many it will serve a dark horizon. Artificial Intelligence will play an important part in what happens.

An exhibition in San Francisco, titled Misalignment Museum, Play with a post-apocalyptic future where Earth will be dominated by AI. The welcome is simply heartbreaking.

“Sorry for killing most of humanity, person with smile cap and mustache,” says the monitor at the entrance of the exhibition.

As the organizers explain, the objective is to increase the closed circle of discussions on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, bringing it to the broad public.

“Our hope is to inspire and generate support”, indicates the exhibition portal, “to formulate and enact risk mitigation measures that we can take to guarantee a positive future as AI continues to develop and in the advent of AGI (Intelligence Artificial General)”.

The reasons for the exhibition on Artificial Intelligence

Audrey Kim, creator of the Museum of Misalignment exhibition, spoke about it with AFP.

“The concept of the museum is that we are in a post-apocalyptic world where general Artificial Intelligence has already destroyed most of humanity,” Kim says.

“But then the AI ​​realizes that that was bad, and it creates a kind of memorial for the humans. Therefore, the motto of our program is ‘sorry for killing most of humanity’.

The exhibition also analyzes Deepfakes, both in images, sound or video. To do this, they are based on a false dialogue generated by Artificial Intelligence between the philosopher Slavo Zizek and the filmmaker Werner Herzog.

The exhibition is located at 201 Guerrero Street, in the North American city of San Francisco. It will be open until May 1, although the creators want to make it a permanent exhibition.