Artificial intelligence reveals images to explain what human evolution will be like in the future

One of the great mysteries of science is how the human being will evolve in the future. We are still far from the 22nd century, from the expected year 3,000 and from times that not even our closest generations will see, but artificial intelligence (AI) has gone ahead in time and proposes how we will be.

the youtuber Sambuchawho has more than 4 million subscribers on the video playback platform, shared a video on his channel in which you can see what the evolutionary chain would look like in the future.

“AI generates human evolution,” writes the content creator in the title of the video, without clarifying which platform he used, although we know that there are different programs such as Midjourney or ArtBreeder that, based on textual descriptions, illustrate images like these.

As we can see, the evolutionary chain generated by this video shows us how everything began according to this theory: as monkeys or proconsul, going through homoerectus, Neanderthal, homo sapiens and more.

The most surprising thing about the result offered by the AI ​​is that it seems that we will become cyborgs, then clearly robots, machines, even having a very futuristic look and even becoming monsters like those in movies like Alien and Predator.

What does ChatGPT think about the future of the human race?

the website of Today Crypto asked ChatGPT, the renowned AI-powered chatbot about the future of the human race, and replied: “It is possible that further ramifications of human evolution will occur in the future, especially if there are major changes in the environment or pressures. evolutionary”.

In addition, AI believes that technology will be key to our evolution: “With leaps and bounds of advances, it is possible that bionic prostheses and genetic engineering allow the creation of improved human beings, capable of performing more complex tasks and better resisting the diseases”.

“Changes in our environment, such as climate change or environmental pollution, can affect natural selection and determine which traits are most advantageous for survival. Therefore, it is possible that we will see an evolution towards bodies that are more resistant and better able to survive in extreme environments”, highlighted ChatGPT.