Artificial intelligence reveals what would be the true image of Jesus of Nazareth

Since the beginning of everything, historians, analysts, believers and atheists have discussed for a long time what Jesus of Nazareth really looked like, in comparison to what was exposed by the Catholic Church since ancient times.

In almost all of the images of Christ, artists have shown him as a man with long, almost blond hair, light eyes, and white skin. But to Joan Taylor, the author of the book “What Did Jesus Look Like?”, this doesn’t make sense.

As a report published on the website of ThirdTaylor explained that the Jews who inhabited the Middle East in the first century had dark skin, brown eyes and short hair, totally different from what the more than 2,000 million Christians around the world believe.

For the New Zealand historian, Jesus was most likely dark-haired, short in stature, and kept his hair cropped, like other Jews of his time.

Another problem to answer this question is that the New Testament of the Bible, which narrates the life of Jesus, does not make any description of his appearance. In this regard, Taylor analyzed: “The gospels do not describe him physically, they do not say if he was tall or short, handsome or strong. The only thing they say is his approximate age, about 30 years.

What is the true image of Jesus? AI responds

After centuries of debates, of discussion about the face of Jesus, if he should have long or short hair, if he was white or brown, if the Church represented him as a divine image and did not show his true appearance, an artificial intelligence (AI) revealed what would be the true face of El Salvador.

It was the Tik Tok user, The IA Drawing, who shared the photograph where Jesus can be seen with long, brown hair, brown skin, brown and slanted eyes. They seem like features more like those described by Taylor and other historians.