Artificial intelligence shows how Latin American countries would look like if they were The Knights of the Zodiac

Although it is true that artificial intelligence (AI) currently has important uses in fields such as science and medicine, it has also served as a technology to create tools for entertainment, capable of creating things like versions of Latin American countries if they were Knights of the Zodiac.

As fans well remember, this manga-anime, known as Saint Seiya, is a series written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada that was later adapted into the program and became one of the most emblematic series in the history of this genre. animation.

The story centers on a group of young warriors called “knights” or “saints”, who fight on the side of the Greek goddess Athena reincarnated as the human Saori Kido to protect humanity from the forces of evil that want to dominate the Earth.

Interestingly, the website of His house used Midjourney’s AI to illustrate what some Latin countries would look like if they were Los Caballeros del Zodiaco. That is to say, that in the images we will not see Seiya, but Chile, Mexico and other nations of Latam as if they were animated characters from this anime and wearing the iconic armor.

Chile, Mexico and more as Knights of the Zodiac

Like the different DALL-E versions of OpenIA, Midjourney is an artificial intelligence program with which users can create images from textual descriptions. The application has not yet been officially launched and is still in its beta phase, open to the public and to Internet users who want to try it.

Midjourney rose to prominence after the British magazine The Economist used the software to make the cover of one of its June 2022 issues.

Below, we show the results produced by the AI, which also include countries such as Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, among others. There is also a look at Spain.


Costa Rica