Artificial Intelligence shows you what Harry Potter looks like in the Ecuadorian version

In Harry Potter, the successful Weasley brothers sell a vital hiding product in their shop: Peruvian instant dark powder. This local reference in one of the best-selling literary and film sagas in history opens the way to imagine the “Boy Who Lived” if instead of being born in the United Kingdom, he had been born in Abancay, for example. Artificial Intelligence is responsible for representing it.

Not only in the mountains. The representation of Harry Potter through AI can be applied to a Piurano, an Ancashino, a Tacneno, a Cusco or a Lima. The phenotype achieved by this technology fits perfectly. Is AI some kind of magic? Perhaps what Thonks was doing with his shapeshifting abilities is very similar to this “muggle” technology.

Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe, is a young wizard who survived the power of Lord Voldemort as a child after the dark lord killed his parents. Potter discovered that he knew wizardry when he was 11 years old and began attending Hogwarts. As a result, he made two best friends: Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

Harry Potter in different countries, according to Artificial Intelligence

Through the Instagram account of @the_air_dreams spread several images about how the main character would look like in different regions such as Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and more countries.

  • Peru: The main character wears the same round glasses, but with a very different hairstyle from the one we remember. In addition, with some components that are part of his clothing such as: his scarf, vest, cape, round container, and above all the owl that has always accompanied him throughout his childhood.
  • Peru is famous for its Inca archaeological site, located in the Andes area, called ‘Machu Picchu’. It also has 12 world heritage sites recognized by ‘Unesco’ and owns 84 of the 117 life zones that exist in the world.

  • Ecuador: We cannot imagine Harry Potter outside of Hogwarts, but thanks to artificial reality, they show us the setting of the magic school in the Historic Center of Quito and with some elements of clothing that represent Ecuador, such as the poncho.
  • The Amazon country is a nation with many cultural and social representations that feed the Ecuadorian identity. The diversity in gastronomy, flora, fauna, social groups and more are characteristic of Ecuador that attract many tourists.

Through Artificial Intelligence he showed Potter in Ecuador

  • Mexico: On this occasion, Potter can be seen inside one of the 15 pyramids that Mexico has. But its similarity with the plot is the tense and dark atmosphere. Now, the clothing and location are representative of the Aztec country.
  • Something we know about Mexico is its gastronomy and its beautiful landscapes that travel the world. Likewise, the festivals and cultural traditions in terms of beliefs, ideologies and ways of dressing.

This is what Potter would look like if he was born in Mexico

The character of Potter is in Machu Picchu

  • China: Who says there is no Chinese Harry Potter? Facial features differentiate an Asian country from other nations in the world. The Chinese Potter’s gaze is more innocent and tender than the original; It conveys more seriousness.
  • Apart from its overpopulation and cultural beliefs, what characterizes China is that it is the world’s largest exporter and importer of goods.

This is how a Chinese Potter would look like thanks to Artificial Intelligence

  • Brazil: Harry Potter’s change of ‘look’ is unrecognizable, because in all the deliveries, we have never seen him bare. On the other hand, it is possible that he finds himself doing magic in the interiors of the Favela neighborhoods.
  • For sports lovers, Brazil is known as a power to have players with a great tactical level. However, it also has varied landscapes, with abundant rivers, wetlands, and mountains that offer great biodiversity.

The soccer Potter must exist through Artificial Intelligence

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