As more protests are expected, Trump calls out to “all Americans”

“I ask you: no violence, no crime, no vandalism,” wrote the tenant of the White House in a brief statement sent as Congress prepares to indict him for encouraging the assault on the Capitol a week ago.

“It’s not what we stand for and it’s not what America stands for,” he added. “I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions,” he wrote.

An indictment of Donald Trump a week before the end of his mandate would be “a mistake”, for his part assured Wednesday the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy. The outgoing president bears a “responsibility” in the violence of the Capitol on January 6, he admitted, asking for the creation of a “commission of inquiry” and the vote of a “motion of censure”.

“Unfortunately, we are not there today”, regretted Mr. McCarthy, while the lower house of Congress, with a Democratic majority, must vote a second indictment of Donald Trump, accused of having encouraged the assault by his supporters on Capitol Hill, which shook American democracy.

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