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Iris, Ash’s partner returns to Pokémon Journey | The Pokémon Company

« Pokémon Journeys: The Series » is causing the return of a partner Favorite Ash of the fanatics. The anime series returned for its first new episode of the new year, and it not only marked the episode 50 of the series in general, but also brought the new Year with a new thematic opening sequence.

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While this new opening theme was the same as the first and features a remix with new artists, the main attraction of the new opening are all teasers for the future of animeas it brought you some familiar faces.

While Pokémon Journeys has paid homage to the past throughout its first 50 episodes, it seems that the fun has not finished, as the new opening theme sequence promises some returns quite remarkable.

One of them is Iris, who traveled with Ash Ketchum during his adventures in the region of Unova during « Pokémon the Series: Black & White ». The official Twitter account of Pokémon Journeys shared a look at her makeover for the new series.

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Although some of the elements in each opening do not reach the anime completely, the series has demonstrated before who is willing to bring back some remarkable faces from the past after provoke his return in the opening.

It’s like the Alola team from the anime series « Sun and Moon » made his comeback briefly in a previous episode after being revealed on the second sequence of the opening theme.

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