Assault on the Capitol: Jake Angeli, “the man with the head of a bison”, was arrested

Originally from Arizona, this thirty-something, who calls himself a “spiritual warrior” and calls himself “The Wolf of Yellowstone”, presents himself as a “digital soldier of QAnon”, the conspiracy movement of which Donald Trump is the hero and who has seen Wednesday’s intrusion as a triumph.

TKings of pro-Trump protesters whose photos have toured the world since their violent intrusion on Capitol Hill on Wednesday have been arrested and charged, the Justice Department said on Saturday.

Jacob Anthony Chansley, aka Jake Angeli, the shirtless, buffalo horned and painted conspirator who had magnetized photographers and cameras across Capitol Hill, was arrested and charged with unlawful trespassing and violent conduct on Capitol Hill, said the ministry in a press release

“This individual was armed with a two-meter-long spear with an American flag attached just under the blade,” the statement said.

The indictment states that Chansley called the FBI Thursday to confirm his presence on Capitol Hill. He said he “was part of a group action responding, along with other Arizona ‘patriots’, to a call from the president for all ‘patriots’ to come to Washington on June 6.”

“Spiritual warrior”

Originally from Arizona, this thirty-something, who calls himself a “spiritual warrior” and calls himself “The Wolf of Yellowstone”, has already been seen many times during pro-Trump demonstrations in Phoenix in recent months, systematically wearing his famous cap.

He presents himself as a “digital soldier of QAnon”, the conspiratorial movement of which Donald Trump is the hero and which saw Wednesday’s intrusion as a triumph.

Adam Johnson, the 30-year-old in the Trump hat pictured all smiles carrying the desk of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was arrested in Florida on Friday.

He was charged with the same counts but also with theft, although Ms Pelosi’s desk was found the next day, abandoned in a hallway.

Finally Derrick Evans, an elected member of the Parliament of the State of West Virginia who had filmed himself breaking into Congress by force shouting “Derrick Evans is on Capitol Hill!” Was arrested Friday at his home and charged on Saturday with illegal trespassing and violent conduct.

The local elected official, who announced his resignation on Saturday, had broadcast his exploits live on his Facebook account and the indictment quotes him when he pushes people around him to force the doors of the Capitol, shouting “move forward , go ahead! “, Then when he exclaims:” We are in the place! “.

Later, the elected official posted a statement on Facebook claiming that he had not participated in any degradation and had only entered the Capitol as an “independent member of the media, to film history”.

The three indictments highlight that the defendants illegally entered a federal building “while Vice President Mike Pence was present”, which aggravates their case.

On Friday, the ministry had already announced 13 indictments for trespassing and disorder, and the arrest in Arkansas of Richard Barnett, a pro-gun activist photographed with his foot on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Before leaving, he left an insulting note for the Democratic leader in Congress.

Among those pursued are a man who had eleven molotov cocktails in a vehicle parked near Congress, another who punched a Capitol policeman while forcing his way, and a third entered with a gun. loaded into the Congress precinct.

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