AstraZeneca will deliver only half of the doses of the vaccine agreed with the European Union for the second quarter

AstraZeneca has communicated this Tuesday to the European Commission that will deliver half of the vaccines against Covid-19 of which the European Union was hired for the second quarter, as revealed by a community source to the agency ..

The pharmaceutical will finally distribute between April and June 90 million doses at Twenty-seven, half of the 180 million agreeds. “It would deliver less than 90 million doses in the second quarter,” confirms this official in charge of the talks with AstraZeneca.

“We are doing everything possible to leverage our global supply chain. We are hopeful to be able to bring our deliveries closer in line with the advance purchase agreement, “an AstraZeneca spokesperson told ., without giving exact figures for deliveries.

This is the second delay of the company after failing to meet its commitments for first quarter deliveries due to “production problems.” So by the end of June, the European Union will receive some 130 million doses, far less than the 300 million it promised to deliver.

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