Astronauts reveal impressive images of aurora borealis from the ISS

Astronauts Josh Cassada of NASA and Koichi Wasada of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), both aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have revealed what the Northern Lights look like from space. , one of the most amazing phenomena recorded on Earth.

Also known as polar auroras, these comprise a true wonder in the form of luminescence that appears in the night sky, usually in polar areas, but they have also been seen in other places on the planet.

Aurora tracking is increasing in the scientific community, as solar activity is increasing more and more. The activity of the Sun is at a point where experts expect the northern lights to appear even in regions of the southern United States, such as New England, something that does not happen commonly

The northern lights are caused by the interaction of charged solar particles with molecules in Earth’s atmosphere, which have recently been supercharged by strong solar activity.

The images of Cassada and Wasada

According to a report published on the website of gizmodothe images shared by Cassada and Wasada show spectacular aurora lights glowing green against the natural golden glow of Earth’s sky at night, the result of the sun’s latest activities.

“Absolutely unreal,” wrote the astronomer from the US space agency on Twitter, on the ISS 400 kilometers away from Earth.

For his part, Wasada expressed: “Spectacular view of the aurora, city lights, Moon, sunrise and ISS solar panels over Canada in one frame!”