Astro’s Playroom creators admit ideas for a sequel, but have no plans yet

The study indicates that it will depend on the reception and the technological possibilities that they find with the DualSense.

Astro's Playroom

Curiously, Astro’s Playroom has been one of the games that has caused the most sensation with the premiere of PS5. The title is pre-installed for free on all consoles and focuses, in a very fun way, on teaching all the functionalities of the console and the new DualSense remote. A proposal that has been very well received by both critics and the public and could well have reached the market independently.

That is why the requests for a sequel or continuation have not taken long, since in just 5 hours you can even get your Platinum trophy. They have asked about it since Edge in an interview with Nicolas Doucet, Head of SIE Japan Studio, who has said that at this time “they have no plans for a sequel or an extension to Astro’s Playroom.”

There are many things we want to try and do with the Nicolas Doucet controllerThe creative has also said that the studio is happy with the reception that the game has had. And that the future of the brand will depend on the popularity of the characters with the audience really having fun. Then they would consider new content from Astro’s, while confirming that the team has ideas to take with a new game, but at the moment nothing concrete.

“We are trying to come up with new ideas based on technology, because there are many things we want to test and do with the controller. While we are making these prototypes, if one of those ideas is won the right to be one’s own gameIt could be the way to go, “says Doucet. The creative recently promised on the PlayStation blog that they would be back with new news soon.

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