“At Team Queso we are living a dream”

With Team Queso proclaimed world champion, it was the turn to address its founder, Álvaro ‘Álvaro845’ González. Efforts in Clash Royale of the team have been awarded the world crown, and there is no one better to talk about the path they have traveled than the boss of everything.

Álvaro845 was exhausted, as if he had been just another player. In a way, it has. He has always considered himself a member of the team and this success is as much yours as it is of your players. Not even the time change to adapt to the Chinese is going to prevent him from savoring this victory properly.

We were able to talk to him. We leave you the full interview:

What is the current feeling?

Right now at Team Queso we are living a dream. In the end, think that this organization was born and specializes in the mobile device and Clash Royale is one of the games in which it begins. What’s more, of the first four professional players from Team Queso, one of them is Cuchii Cuu, who today has just been crowned world champion along with his teammates.

It seems to me a title that we deserved for all the work and effort we have put into the mobile scene and in the competitive scene of Clash Royale. Right now we are living a dream and the most faithful demonstration that hard work and effort ends up paying off.

Do you feel that you are facing one of the most important moments in the club’s history?

This is a turning point in the history of the club, since we have always been considered leaders in the mobile niche at a European and global level, but not only do they have to consider you as a leader, but then you have to champion and prove it. Clash Royale is a very important game for us and, of course, having achieved this title reaffirms the whole project and validates that the direction in which we are going is the right one.

How have you prepared the finals? Have you adapted to the early morning hours during these weeks?

I will not cheat. We have tried to hardeado the finals like animals. We have been preparing them since we won the CRL West championship, the coach gave the players two days off and we sprinted. We were at the 2018 World Cups in Tokyo and we made the mistake of taking too long a break between the regular season finals and the playoffs and the World Cups. We lost the rhythm of the competition and this time it hasn’t happened to us. Proof of this is that it has been noticed that in the matches there was a job behind it.

The complicated part of this preparation is that our coach could not travel to Spain due to the pandemic and he had to work with the boys from Argentina. The players were in the European time zone and to that we must add that the games were at dawn, we had to play at 5 in the morning. Players have been changing the schedule since the beginning of the week. They are right now as if they live in Shanghai. They go to bed when people get up and they get up when people go to sleep.

It was the only way to get fresh to a game that had to be played at 5 in the morning. Then the final was played at a more normal time, at 11 in the morning. You could see on the cameras that the players were visibly tired. It is an effort to have to go against the biorhythm.

What did you think when you saw that you had to face each other against SK?

SK, all players and staff are friends and perfect acquaintances. Initially I thought that SK has played us well, we have a 100% winrate in finals against them. It just so happens that we always win them. But it is one of the strongest and most regular organizations in the entire history of Clash Royale, and if we could deserve this world championship, so could they. With which it has been a beautiful final that has been decided between friends. There could not have been a better outcome than a decisive set, a one on one, between Rubén and Morten, who are considered the best players in the world.

You have raised four matchpoints, is the feeling better after that show of strength?

When we have won the first two sets and have started to have matchpoints you get very nervous and tense. The whole game has been rowing, rowing and rowing. When you manage to win the victory it is indescribable, it tastes much better, because you have been rowing against the current and knowing that you were left for dead, but we had one last breath and that has allowed us to win and be world champions.

Is Clash Royale the game that identifies Team Queso?

Team Queso is not just a team dedicated to Clash Royale, far from it. It is obvious that Clash Royale is in the DNA of the team, but Team Queso is a multidisciplinary organization and in all the divisions in which we compete we seek excellence and try to transmit the values ​​and knowledge that we have acquired in Clash Royale.

It has been in the DNA since its founding, in a way getting to win these CRL Worlds 2020 is a way of putting the finishing touch and recognition to all these years of effort in this discipline, but far from it Team Queso is an organization that only is dedicated or knows how to make Clash Royale.

Humbly the work and the way of approaching PC games is the same, always aiming for the highest step by step (CSGO, LoL, Valorant, Fortnite …). We had a qualifier in the Fortnite World Cup and in Rocket League we move into the top 6 in Europe.

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