Athena comes to real life in this amazing Fabibi cosplay

Knights of the Zodiacofficially known as Saint Seiya, is a manga series written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada that was later adapted into anime and became one of the most emblematic series in the history of this animation genre.

The written work was published on December 3, 1985 in Shūeisha’s Shōnen Jump magazine until December 12, 1990 in V Jump magazine. Then, when it came to television, this show had 114 main episodes and 158 total, with five animated films and an upcoming live-action film.

As fans well remember, The Knights of the Zodiac focuses on a group of young warriors called “knights” or “saints”, who fight on the side of the Greek goddess Athena reincarnated as the human Saori Kido to protect humanity from the forces of evil that want to dominate the Earth.

The character of Athena and all the moments that she starred in the manga and anime have inspired the followers of Saint Seiya, to the point that they have starred in original cosplays like that of this content creator from Chile.

Fabibi brings Athena to real life

Fabibi World Cosplaya well-known Chilean cosplayer with more than 461,000 followers on the social network, shared a photo of her Athena cosplay, with purple hair, a gold staff, a white dress, and a golden belt.

“One of the animes that marked my childhood was Saint Seiya and I had been redesigning Athena’s costume for quite some time, I made my own version and brought it to life a few days ago. Now it turns out that they are doing the live-action. I hope my gentlemen join me in this post, ”wrote the model, showing that she is a huge fan of the anime and that she is looking forward to the movie.